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  1. Select one of the six geography types from the
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  2. Finally, select a topic from the dropdown list and
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The Victorian Transport Statistics Portal (VTSP) provides access to data that will be of interest to anyone who wants to better understand transport trends in Victoria. Data comes from a number of sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), VicRoads and the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

The VTSP can be interrogated to profile transport issues at a Local Government Area (LGA) level. For many datasets, it also provides information on further levels, such as the Statistical Local Area (SLA) level, the Statistical Area Levels (SA) 2, 3 and 4 or the State suburb level.

The State Region level shows data for Victoria, metropolitan Melbourne and the Balance of Victoria. As for the Census 2011 data there has been a new definition of the metropolitan area, data is shown for this newly defined area under Greater Melbourne, while previous data is show under the label metropolitan Melbourne. The World Cities geographic level provides the opportunity to compare Melbourne with other cities around the world.

The VTSP also has a mapping function that is available for some of the geographies.  These are: LGA, SLA & each of ABS Geography types.  Please note, not all topics and categories for these geographies will return a map as there maybe no data for the selected criteria.

 For definitions of each geographic area, please view the Glossary.

To obtain data use the drop down menus to the left to:
1. Select a Geography type and then select an area
2. Select an information topic
3. Hit the Go button to have your data displayed
4. Use the Copy function to export your data directly into Excel or the Print function to get a hard copy of the data

If you would like to compare an area with other areas, click on the “Data table and graph” or “Map” tabs and follow the instructions. Again the data can be copied directly into Excel.

The Victorian Transport Statistics Portal has data on the following topics:

  • Key characteristics of residents
  • Dwellings and households
  • Education and income
  • Industry and occupation of employment
  • Motor vehicles 
  • Method of travel to work
  • Journey to work time series (from the Victorian Transport Atlas) 
  • Crash stats
  • Public transport use (patronage data for regional rail lines - newly added as new geography)  
  • Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity 2012-13 (VISTA)
  • Property sales
  • Cycling strategy